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Rafting at Suarez River

Are you up for...


... facing the forces of nature?

The characteristics of these rapids and the volume of water make Suarez river one of the most exciting places in Colombia to practice whitewater rafting and kayaking. Rapids class IV and V will challenge even the most seasoned of visitors.


We will depart from San Gil to Vasquez Bridge on the road from Socorro to Simacota and return via Baraza Bridge on the road from Palmar to San Gil.  Depending on the water level of the river you will spend around 1:45 to 3 hours on the river to travel around 15 kilometers. Water temperature can range from  26 ° C to 34 ° C depending on the season.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: Roughly 5 to 7 hours.

Price: $220.000 COP

(including private transport, accident insurance, certified equipment and certified bilingual guides (Spanish - English), a safety kayak, pictures and videos we will send you via email, beverages, a lunch buffet on the riverside and beer to celebrate a day well spent)

Do not forget: comfortable clothing with UV protection (shorts, a shirt, closed foorwear such as sneakers or adjustable sandals), dry clothes for later, sun block, insect repellent and sunglasses.

The shirt is necessary as protection from the sun and from friction from the vest as well as for hygiene. 

You need to be above 18 and at most 50 years of age for this activity, be able to swim and to be in good physical condition. Please refrain from this activity if you are pregnant. Practice caution and let us know in advance if you suffer from heart disease, epilepsy or allergies, or have experienced excessive exposure to insect bites.

Previous experience is not necessary.

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