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Cueva de la Vaca

Are you up for...


... discovering natural beauty in the most extreme of locations?

Located in the municipality of Curiti around 20 minutes from San Gil, we will explore a cave unrivaled in its natural wonders. Majestic rock formations and the lush biodiversity will leave you breathless as we explore around 2 km of these caves you could get lost in.

... adrenaliine and adventure?

Speaking of breathless - you will have to put some effort into reaching these wonders. You will have to crawl through spaces you won't think you'll be able to fit through, slide through mud and water, and dive from one cave to another underwater. But the reward is worth it.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: Roughly from 8 am to 2 pm, 2 hours in the caves

Price: $80.000 COP

(including accident insurance, equipment, and guides)

It is necessary to be over 10 years of age to participate in this activity.

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